Privacy and Security

Privacy Statement Regarding Contact Information, Addresses, and Medals Received

Mailing Address, Names, and Contact Information

We never share or sell any email addresses, mailing addresses, names, or contact information for any individuals, organizations or businesses that partner with us, sign up for our email list, send us messages, or send us medals.

When medals are received from individuals, we will share photos of the boxes as they arrive, and the medals and ribbons as they are processed.  We do this so you know your package(s) safely arrived.  We also do this to show we operate as promised and conduct business with integrity.

We will always hide any personal information in our photos, and we black out or remove any mailing or shipping labels before the boxes are recycled.  We will recognize your sent-in medals by city and state (or country) but never mention your name for privacy reasons.

Any race organizers or organizations that send us medals will be recognized on social media.

If you do not want to be mentioned or recognized by name, whether you are an individual or an organization, you must let us know in writing via a note in your package or via email. 


We will never solicit a financial donation from any individual or organization.  If someone is asking for money on our behalf- it’s not authorized, it’s not us, and the inquiry should be deleted and ignored.

Your packages are shipped to a secure receiving mailbox to prevent theft or weather-related damage.

We do not keep your personal information when packages are received or messages are sent. 

Our only location is Massachusetts, United States. Any other similar-sounding group with a different location (either in the USA or in another country) is a copycat or fraudulent group.