Legal Notes and Operating With Integrity Statement

Legal Notice

All original content posted on this site, including text and photographs, is the intellectual property of the owner of this site (unless otherwise noted).   

We encourage the sharing of information about our organization, our mission and our purpose.  We ask that you link directly to us in any blogs or online written materials.  Please reach out to us for interviews or articles.  Thank you!

Our only location is in Massachusetts, in the United States. We welcome medals from anywhere in the world, and have received shipments from five different countries and all 50 states.

We are aware that other individuals or groups have used our organizational name without our permission or consent, and have used our direct text from our website and social media accounts to set up copycat programs.  This plagiarism and a violation of our copyright.  If you see a similar-sounding organization with an address other than our Massachusetts USA location, it’s not us.  We cannot vouch for any other group conducting business or operations legally or ethically.  While recycling is encouraged, we would question the integrity and values of any individual or group that would plagiarize our materials.

As mentioned in our FAQs, we are not a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  We have to pay taxes on the proceeds from our recycling as it does count as revenue.  We take pride in operating with the highest standards of ethics by sharing all photos of all boxes shipped to us and all medals and ribbons as they are recycled. We always provide proof of donations being made. 

Thank you for your support!