Coronavirus Update

May 26, 2020 update:

Great news! We have resumed operations.

This is based on the guidance of state and local laws; feedback from our recycling partners; and professional guidance regarding the safety of our volunteers.

If you had mailed or shipped in a package in the last few weeks; we did receive it, thank you!

We know during this time of staying in place many people have done a “spring cleaning” at home and prepared medals they no longer want. Thank you for your patience as we all navigate this together!

We have made safety adjustments that reduce risks for our volunteer team, our receiving center, and our recycling partners.

We have temporarily suspended shipping out unused clean ribbons for re-use as a safety precaution.

While we will start recycling and processing now, we will hold off on any charity race bib donations until 2021. There is too much uncertainty with large scale events being canceled or postponed.

We have already made donations in full to any current 2020 charity bib fundraising efforts and minimums that one of our athletes registered for and we committed to fulfill. The events we donated to have been canceled. We feel the charities should not suffer as they have no control over this situation.

For race directors and event organizers- the offer to teach you own to recycle your own unused medals from canceled events still stands. We are happy to help any race director or event organizer worldwide with boxes of unusable medals figure out how to recycle them in their own state or country.

Thank you everyone and stay safe!