Coronavirus Update

April 3, 2020 update:

DO NOT SHIP IN ANY MEDALS FOR RECYCLING UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. We are complying with guidelines regarding non-essential operations.

Any medals sent in at this time would be an additional strain on freight and postal carriers. These boxes would take up space in delivery and freight trucks that is needed for more urgent shipments such as food and cleaning supplies. Safety is our first priority.

We’ve picked up anything that has already been delivered, and we’ve processed everything here.

We have already made donations in full to any current 2020 charity bib fundraising efforts and minimums that one of our athletes registered for and we committed to fulfill. The events we donated to have been canceled. We feel the charities should not suffer as they have no control over this situation.

At this time we will hold off on committing to fundraising for any 2020 events, as we are seeing additional road races and charity events canceled every week.

We understand that hundreds of road races, endurance events and sporting competitions have been canceled. While clearly race directors and event organizers have many other priorities to address first at this time and this is something to deal with later when things stabilize, we are here and ready to help any events that want to recycle their unused and unclaimed medals.

Thank you!