Helping Race Directors and Expanding Our Efforts

Since 2016, our all-volunteer team has recycled over 100,000 pounds of metal, textile ribbons, cardboard shipping boxes and plastics/bubble wrap. We have donated thousands of dollars to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations.

Now, we are here to help race directors recycle their unused medals from events canceled due to coronavirus.

We are at an unprecedented time in road races and sporting competitions. Hundreds of marathons, half marathons, 5K, triathlons, endurance events and sporting activities around the world have been delayed or canceled because of coronavirus. Many events could not be rescheduled due to date conflicts. There may be hundreds of thousands of unused or extra road race medals that will be thrown away.

Our hearts go out to all race directors, event organizers and sporting programs that had to cancel their 2020 events. As athletes ourselves, we understand and appreciate the global impact coronavirus has had on sports, especially road races and charity fundraising events.

Many race directors have made the best of this situation by converting their races into virtual events, including mailing out medals and shirts to their participants. This is a great alternative to holding your races in-person. Some medal manufacturers will accept unused medals back for partial credit (please check with your individual supplier).

We know many race directors run events that support local or national charities, and for many race organizers, their events are their livelihood. We also know that shipping medals to us to process might be a prohibitive cost.

We will teach any race director or sporting event organizer worldwide how to recycle their unused medals and ribbons.

If you are not able to return your unused medals to your supplier for credit, or if you are not able to ship them to us to be recycled, we would love to work with you to keep these items from going in the trash.

There is no charge for this. Please reach out to us via our contact form and let us know where you are located, what event(s) you organize, and how many medals/boxes you have. We can help you figure out if metal and textile recycling can be done locally in your community, state or country, and if so, we can guide you through the recycling process.

We are here to help you as members of the global sports community, to help keep recyclable materials out of landfills, and to help you and your organizations recoup some of your losses.

We make this offer with the interest of everyone’s health and safety as the top priority. We know that there are larger pressing issues right now and that this is something race directors might not be able to deal with for a few months. Reach out to us when you are ready.

As of 3/21/2020, we’ve asked for our supporters to temporarily hold off on sending in medals to us. We’ve asked for a hold on incoming shipments to do our part to restrict non-essential business activity, giving more space on freight and delivery trucks for priority items such as food and cleaning supplies. Based on current trends, we hope to start receiving medals again in May 2020.